Indianapolis Tile Shower systems kerdi drain system

Tile shower with water damageKeep your showers waterproof and protect yourself from water damage. Even with sealed grout joints, water and vapor will penetrate between your tile in shower walls and floors and this will cause serious damage. Cement board is not waterproof, moisture that collects in the wall cavity or floor structure of a shower is the primary cause of mold growth. Traditional shower systems are designed so they will retain water within the bladder. In fact, chances are that your contractor will skip the pre slope step in the process.

Shower Systems: At Supreme Surface, Inc. our standard shower installation system combines leading edge technology with design. We install a custom size mud bed and utilize the Kerdi drain system. We then apply a waterproof membrane over the top of the mud bed. Triple flex waterproof cement membrane is coated over the interior shower walls. Stone tile is then applied to the floor and walls with thinset not mastic. Water only has one place to go, down the drain. Each shower includes (1) granite sill on the curb and (2) granite shampoo shelves.