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Granite Slab Colors

  Base Grade Granite Exotic Granite  

View images and photos of popular granite colors from base level to exotic stones. This page also includes color samples, pictures of marble and granite slabs, countertop colors, close up views, links on how to care and maintain your kitchen and bath countertops, tile backsplash ideas and more by Supreme Surface, Inc.

Absolute Black Granite Slabs
Absolute Black
African Ivory Granite color samples
African Ivory
Almond Mauve Granite colors
Almond Mauve
Amarillo Boreal Granite Slabs
Amarillo Boreal
Arandus Granite Slabs
Arcobaleno Onyx Granite Slabs
Arcobaleno Onyx
Artic Blue Granite Slabs
Arctic Blue
Autumn Brown Granite Slabs
Autumn Brown
Autumn Leaf Granite Slabs
Autumn Leaf
Avacato Granite Slabs
Aztec Canyon Granite Slabs
Aztec Canyon
Azul Crystal Granite Slabs
Azul Crystal
Azul Imperial Granite Slabs
Azul Imperial
Baltic Brown Granite Slabs
Baltic Brown
Bamboo Green Granite Slabs
Bamboo Green
Barracuda Granite Slabs
Bianco Antico Granite Slabs
Bianco Antico
Bianco Catalina Granite Slabs
Bianco Catalina
Bianco Romano Granite Slabs
Bianco Romano
Black Amethyst Granite Slabs
Black Amethyst
Black Beauty Granite Slabs
Bllack Beauty
Black Cosmic Granite Slabs
Black Cosmic
Black Galaxy Granite Slabs
Black Galaxy
Black Moziac Granite Slabs
Black Moziac
Black Pearl Granite Slabs
Black Pearl
Blue Eyes Granite Slabs
Blue Eyes Pearl
Blue Night Granite Slabs
Blue Night
Blue Pearl Granite Slabs
Blue Pearl
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Discover the best way to clean and care for your granite countertops. Not all colors for granite counters are considered equal in durability and require some basic knowledge.

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