Cost of Granite Countertops

The price range of granite countertops is dictated by many variables other than just square footage. As a baseline, you might expect to see discount granite such as “granite remnants”, for bathroom vanity tops and other small pieces, start at about $40.00 per square foot and will go up fast. Usually this price will be for a customer pickup and will not include a whole lot of custom fabrication, template or installation.

The average cost per square foot for a newly constructed granite kitchen countertop, can quickly work itself up to $50.00 or $60.00. Additional charges for kitchen designs with arch's, angles, additional cut-outs for cook-tops, additional veggie, prep and bar sinks, transition tops, bump-outs and other common variables will effect the pricing.

When considering quartz or natural stone as a counter top replacement material, additional charges could also apply. For example, fabricators typically charge for adding structural integrity, disconnecting and reconnecting the plumbing, removing and disposing of the existing counters and if necessary, leveling the existing base cabinets. Some kitchens will have a corner appliance garage that will need to be removed before the new countertops can be installed.

Most of the cost is not in the stone itself, but in the costs related to other variables including the transportation, fabrication, installation, marketing and administrative needs. In order for a customer to have a good experience, all of the above should be seriously considered prior to selecting your fabricator. These are just a few reasons why a fabricator cannot give an accurate price per square foot for countertop fabrication and installation, without having a drawing or visually inspecting the project.

Placement & Quantity of Seams Will Effect The Granite Cost:

Quantity of seams, seam locations and the direction of the veining can also effect the granite cost. It is important to discuss quantity of seams and the locations when the fabricator makes their templates. Depending on the length and shape of the countertops being installed, there may be several square feet of wasted material once the countertop is finished being cut.

Overall Cost of Granite:

The overall cost of granite is typically very confusing to the average consumer. Every entity that handles the granite, including the quarry, supplier, fabricator and installer can establish their own pricing based on demand. Dealers who provide full service such as the design, fabrication, installation and supply should be at the top of your list to check out. Typically this will reduce the overall cost to the end user.

Price levels of granite:

It is popular for granite fabricators to have granite colors separated by various categories. From base level granite colors to the unique exotic granite selections. The base grade granite colors typically consist of introductory granite selections. Not all fabricators offer popular selections in the base category. At Supreme Surface, granite colors are grouped based on several criteria including popularity, availability, production requirements, the country of origin, veins or patterns, thickness and current fashion trends. Some granite colors offer "movement", or a distinctive pattern within the color. The combination of color and movement also affect the final price of granite countertops. We refer to these types of granites as “exotic granites”.

Granite Quality and Price:

Granite selections from a lower priced category can offer the same beauty and durability, as the granite slabs from a higher priced category. Additionally, granite colors in the base grade category could be harder than stones in the exotic collection, so it pays to get out and look around. Keep a watchful eye, some fabricators use commercial quality or builder grade granite in lower tiers to keep the price down. Typically the commercial quality grades don't have the same depth and clarity as non-commercial granite colors. The presence of softer minerals and veins, may require additional cabinet supports or penetrating sealant, this could effect to the final price of granite countertops.