Tile Backsplash Ideas, Designs and Photos

A tile backsplash with a granite countertop is an affordable way to update and improve the look of your kitchen. Home Solutionms experts can design and install natural stone tiled backsplashes for $750.00 with the purchase of a new quartz or granite counters. One of our most popular granite colors and backsplash designs is an Uba Tuba granite counter top with a multi-colored slate tile. Check out some of our job photos and pictures of tile backsplash designs and ideas below.

Durango Travertine Tile With Glass Accents

Tile backsplash photo: Durango travertine tile backsplash with glass mosaic tiles used as accent pieces.

This kitchen backsplash photo shows one of our most popular ideas. Over this counter top we designed and installed Durango travertine tiles with River Gold granite counters. We started with 12"x12" Durango tiles and cut them into 3"x12" pieces. We then installed them in a brick stagger pattern. We incorporated a glass mosaic above the first row of tile.


Tuscan Wave Travertine With Glass Accents

Kitchen backsplash photo: Tuscan Wave travertine stone with marble and glass accent pieces, Cosmic black granite

In this photo we have a tile backsplash design made with Tuscan Wave travertine with Cosmic Black granite. Once again we started with 12"x12" tiles and cut them into 3"x3" and 4"x12" sizes. You will notice we used three rows of mosaic glass accent pieces located one course from the bottom.

Paradon Travertine Tile and Glass Stone Mosaic

Stone backsplash photo: Paradon travertine kitchen tile backsplash photo

This stone backsplash shows Paradon travertine usd in a large body frames pattern. We then installed two courses of a glass mosaic as accent tiles. You'll notice in the picture to the left, that we clipped two corners of each tile. This allowed us to use the more glass accent pieces. The granite worktop color is called Taupe.


Antico Onyx Tile Balck Granite Clips

Antico Onyx tile backsplash

In this picture we installed polished black granite with a tumbled stone called "Antico Onyx" tile backsplash. The frames pattern is one of our most affordable designs and in this picture we used a black granite liner bar over the first course of tile.


Layered Multi Color Slate With Uba Tuba Granite

Layered slate tiled backsplash with Uba Tuba granite kitchen counter.

Another popular design for a kitchen backsplash is showen in this picture. This beautifully designed natural slate backsplash was custom cut into three different sizes. 1"x12", 2"x12" and 3"x12" tiles. We then installed it over an Uba Tuba granite worktop.


Walnut Tile With New Venetian Gold Granite

Walnut tile backsplash with New Venetian Gold granite tops.

This kitchen backsplash shows a multi size Walnut travertine with New Venetian Gold. The tile sizes used are 8"x8", 8"x16", 16"x16" and 16"x24". As you can see we installed the tiles around the doorway and went from floor to ceiling. To trim out the door we cut smaller sizes and chiseled the outside edge.


Tumbled Noce & Durango Tile

Tumbled Noce Durango tile backsplash photo

A kitchen backsplash design made up with a blend of natural stones. We installed the tiles in a frames pattern and once again we in used a granite liner bar one course over the bottom tile. The tiles that we used are Noce (Dark) and Durango (light) tumbled stones.

Venetian White Marble With Emerald Pearl Granite

Emerald Pearl granite counter with Venetian White marble tile backsplash.

Another beautifully designed kitchen backsplash idea. This project has custom cut polished white marble tiles called "Venetian White" and we installed them over Emerald Pearl granite. The backsplash tile started off being 16"x16" and we custom cut each tile. In the center we cut the larger pieces into 8"x8" and used 4"x4" pieces between them. The bottom and top courses are +/- 8"x2" pieces.

Durango Tile with Geriba Granite

Durango tile backsplash with Geriba granite.

This Large body frames tile backsplash design showes custom cut Durango tiles with Geriba granite countertops. We used Black pearl granite clips and liner bar.


Copper Slate Kitchen Backsplash

Golden Carmel granite countertop with a natural slate tile backsplash.

Golden Carmel granite with multi-colored natural slate tile backsplash design. These beautiful tiles were cut from 12" x 12", into 1", 2" and 3" x 12" pieces.



Tumbled Noce Kitchen Tile Backsplash

standard granite backsplash

Amarillo Boreal granite worktop, standard eased edge profile, 4" x 4" Tumbled Noce backsplash tile, used in a frames pattern with polished black granite clips.



Standard Granite Backsplash

standard granite backsplash

This base grade Juperana Gold Light granite countertop includes an ogee edge profile and standard granite backsplash. All Supreme Surface granite estimates include a nominal 4" standard granite backsplash unless requested otherwise.


Standard Granite Backsplash


Limestone Tiled Backsplash

Limestone Tile Backsplash

This decorative stone tile backsplash was designed and installed by Supreme Surface, Inc. This tile backsplash features Scabos 16" Limestone tile cut down to size. We have also incorporated granite clips made from remnant pieces of Lapidus granite, the same color as the countertop.


Limestone Tile Backsplash


Tumbled Stone Tiled Backsplash

This tumbled stone tile backsplash is showen with August Gold color.

This remodeled Granite kitchen features an Aztec Canyon granite countertop with the popular frames pattern by Supreme Surface, Inc. This tumbled stone tile backsplash is made from 4" tumbled August Gold, with 2" Black granite clips.

Tumbled Stone Tile Backsplash


Layered Stone Backsplash

Layered Stone Backsplash

This fabulous Greenwood, Indiana kitchen design was featured in the 2006 Indianapolis Home-A-Rama by J.R Eaton Custom Homes. It featured Juperana Canyon granite worktops with the new look of Layered stone.


Layered Stone Backsplash


Granite Tiles for a Backsplash

Granite Tile Backsplash

This granite countertop has granite tiles used for a kitchen backsplash. The tiles were made from 12 x 12 granite pieces, cut down to into a 6"x6" size.


Granite Tile Backsplash


Basic Stone Backsplash

Basic Stone Backsplash

This new granite kitchen made with Labrador Antique granite countertops, Also offers the compliment of the basic stone backsplash made of 4" tumbled Durango.


Basic Stone Backsplash


Tile Backsplash With Granite

Tile Backsplash With Standard Granite Backsplash

This beautiful Indiana granite kitchen features a two tone granite counter top made of Absolute Black and Blue Pearl Granite. It also offers both a standard granite backsplash along with a 6" ceramic tile. Most backsplash applications will only feature one or the other and not both. As you can see the cabinets are elevated higher than most.


Tile Backsplash with Standard Granite Backsplash

marble backsplash tile

The beautiful Greenwood, Indiana granite kitchen features a tumbled marble tile backsplash made from tumbled durango stone.



red limestone tile backsplash with black granite clips and a Tan Brown granite counter

This Westfield, Indiana kitchen offers Tan Brown countertops with a honed red limestone tile backsplash and some black granite remnant pieces.



full granite backsplash

This Verde Peacock granite counter features a full granite backsplash behind the stove and a standard 4" granite splash in all other areas.




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